Battle of The Titans - Delphi, Greece

Symbology, Mythology, and Philosophy

A good life or career starts with a good philosophy. Join us to dive deep into the nature of man, the state, and current affairs.

Nous Academy

Nous Academy was built for and by, lovers of Sophia (wisdom). To some philosophy is the result of non-sensical ancient theories. To others it is the last vestiges of a particular science that has been since forgotten. This is an online private academy. We teach ancient esoteric philosophy, and will also certify those who would like to become teachers at Nous Academy or use it for their own practice. We only offer online classes and certifications for different branches of ancient philosophy.

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Temple of Asclepius
High Priest of Nous Academy
How to Apply

Our academy is very selective, when we receive your admissions request one of our High Priests will review it and will promptly respond back. Please submit a request by e-mailing us at, thank you.