Philosophy Courses

On our Youtube channel we offer numerous free videos, where you can get a bisc idea of the philosophy we teach. But for a more in depth teaching, you should consider taking one of our courses at Nous Academy. Below we provide our current class offerings, if interested e-mail us at and we will get back to you shortly.

Philosophical Mathematics
Learn philosophical mathematics and how it applies to everyday truths. We cover ancient hellenistic mathematical riddles that were common during the time, often referrenced by philosophers.
Pythagorean Philosophy
In this course we cover, both aspects of the Pythagorean tradition; mathematical and teachings. Pythagoras has been referred to as the 'first' philosopher, we will analyze this mysterious character of the past and his followers that came after his time providing insight and philosophy of this tradition.
Platonic Philosophy
Starting with Plato himself, we cover his followers going all the way to the neo-Platonists of the 2nd century AD. After this course, you will have the ability to fully understand his ideas and how it influenced many religions to this day.
Jewish Mysticism
Learn the mystic thought of the earliest Kabbalists, that wrote their wisdom in the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation). We take an in-depth look at Jewish thought and their possible influences.
Gnostic Mysticism
Gnosis; having knowledge. We examine early Christian texts that were destroyed by the early church, that deliver the gnosis (knowledge) of Jesus and describe the fall of Sophia (wisdom) into matter.
Governmental Theory
Govern-ment; the ruling thought, in this course we examine the relationship between man and the state. In our society its common to separate man from the state, we will seek to examine how they are directly linked and are dependent opon each others survival.