Sophia's Esoteric Name - The Letter Alpha

Phoenician Alef, Greek Alpha

The Proto-Canaanite letter Alef (𐤀), which was a pre-cursor to the Greek letter Alpha (α), in its original iconography was a glyph for an ox head. When we look at ancient glyphs/symbols its important to think of its functional aspect, what does that symbol do in reality, and how does it achieve it.

Plato (500 BC), writes in Cratylus, that the letter Alpha is best used when imitating large things, as they are both "pronounced long". Alpha representing large things makes sense as it has a numerical value of 1. We can safely associate it with the Monad, as used by the Pythagoreans.


As we learn in philosophical mathematics, the number 1 is a male number.

The Monad in Pythagorean philosophy, refers the supreme being, the totality of creation. Everything takes part in the Monad, because the Monad is divisible into all things.

In Hebraic philosophy, Alef, is recognized as an air element. The greek name for soul; "psyche", translates to mean "breath" (air). Alef symbolizes power, authority, and strength. When we speak of the "alphabet", the word "alphabet" or alpha-bet, literally means "house of the ox". Bet (or Greek Beta) the second letter, translates to mean "house", and Alef translating to mean "ox".

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