Sophia's Esoteric Name - The Letter Omicron

Phoenician Ayin, Greek Omicron

The Proto-Canaanite letter Ayin (𐤏), which was a pre-cursor to the Greek letter Omicron (O), in its original iconography was a glyph for an eye. When we look at ancient glyphs/symbols its important to think of its functional aspect, what does that symbol do in reality, and how does it achieve it.

Plato (500 BC), writes in Cratylus, that the letter Omicron is best used when trying to imitate roundness. Omicron literally means "small" (micro) in Greek. From these two points we can gather that the awareness of the eye is of a smaller awareness of something greater, that the eye cannot perceive. In the Greek Alphabet, Omicron has a value of 70.

7 + 0 = 7

As we learn in philosophical mathematics, the number 7 is a male number.

In hebraic philosophy, Ayin, is recognized as a double letter. It literally means, nothing beyond existance, for the eye's dual ability to distinguish between lightness and darkness.

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