Sophia's Esoteric Name - The Letter Sigma

Phoenician Shin, Greek Sigma

The Proto-Canaanite letter Shin (𐤔), which was a pre-cursor to the Greek letter Sigma (Σ), in its original iconography was a glyph for two front teeth. When we look at ancient glyphs/symbols its important to think of its functional aspect, what does that symbol do in reality, and how does it achieve it.

Plato (500 BC), writes in Cratylus, that the letter Sigma is pronounced with an expolsion of breath, which appropriately imitates blowing or hard breathing. The capitalized form of Sigma (Σ), when flipped downwards, resembles snake fangs, and likewise the lowercase form of Sigma (σ, ς) resembles a coiled snake. In the Greek Alphabet, Sigma has a value of 200.

2 + 0 + 0 = 2

As we learn in philosophical mathematics, the number 2 is a female number.

In the Phoenician Alphabet, Shin, is recognized as a fire element. When it is uttered, it is hissed like a snake. The hissing sound is also comparable to a flame being turned on or burning.

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